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About Us

We are excited to present to you “Best Candidate”, a mobile application that aims to revolutionize the way people make informed decisions in elections. Our app provides a user-friendly interface to access nonpartisan voter information, while creating a safe space for voters to view a candidate’s background, and stance on key issues. We believe that there is a significant need for this app in all communities, and we are confident that Best Candidate can make a real impact in the world of elections. It provides comprehensive, unbiased information about candidates running for office, helping voters to become more active in the democratic process.
Think of it as a Non-Partisan Voter Education “toolbox”! We aim to prioritize voter education by simply making it accessible to everyone with a cell phone or mobile device.
We are confident that Best Candidate can become the go-to resource for voters in elections nationwide, but we are planting the seed of INCLUSION and REPRESENTATION right here in South Florida. Our team is made up of experienced professionals in both technology and elections administration, and we are passionate about making a real impact.
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Voter education features:





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Voter Education

Poll Workers

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Early Voting​


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